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Visualizing textual data that appears in the surveys

Hi All,


We are creating Survey dashboard

1) As each survey have multiple question followed with different answer options (agree, disagree, Stongly agree, strongly disagree) for the participant to choose.

2) But for few questions we wil be having space (____________) to fill our comments.


From first part we were able to create the visualization by provising the display order for answer options, where as we are unable to create visualization for the textual data which are coming from second part.


Need quick help on how to create textual visualization





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Re: Visualizing textual data that appears in the surveys

Assuming that you have your response data (Strongly agree, agree, etc.) in some type of a matrix or bar/column chart, you could then display your comments in a separate table of just comments (one comment per line).  Turn on cross-filtering between the two visuals.  When you click on the martrix row name (Agree, Disagree, etc. or even on a respondent's name) it will filter your comments table to show only the applicable comments for the selected category.