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Multiple choices answer count


I'm new to Power BI and I can't figure out how to count the number of occurence of each answer from a multiple choice sharepoint form :


I have :


        Project       ¦     Choice       

       Project1       ¦                        

       Project2       ¦    Choice1        

      Project3        ¦    Choice1, Choice2

      Project4        ¦    Choice3, Choice4

       Project5       ¦   Choice1, Choice2, Choice3



And I would like to obtain


        Choice       ¦   number of occurence

        Choice1      ¦   3

        Choice2      ¦   2

        Choice3      ¦   2

        Choice4      ¦   1



The list of choices is not defined by a separate sharepoint list. I have searched through the forum and have found several subject discussing similar topics but still haven't found a way to implement this. Any help? 

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Re: Multiple choices answer count

Hi @shugs,


If you data is in that format you present first of all you need to change you information format.


Go to the query editor and do the following steps:


  1. Choose column Choice
  2. Transform -> Split column -> By Delimeter
    1. Choose the comma as your delimeter
    2. Now you have a table with Project and one column per response
  3. Choose all the columns besides the project
  4. Transform -> Unpivot Columns
    1. Return a table with: Project, Attribute, Value
  5. Delete column Attribute
  6. Rename Value to your choice
  7. Save and return to PBI desktop


Now just add you Value to the table visual and the Project (this should be count)








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Re: Multiple choices answer count

[ Edited ]

Alternative solution in Power Query:

  • Remove empty Choices
  • Choose tab Transform - Format - Trim
    Adjust the generated code to use Text.Split (on ","), which will result in nested lists
  • Remove Project column
  • Expand the "Choice" column
  • Choose tab Transform - Group By Choice and count rows (which is the default operation)
    In the popup screen of "Group By", name the new column "Number of occurrence".

Resulting code (in which I adjusted the step names for better readability):


    Source = InputTable,
    RemovedEmpties = Table.SelectRows(Source, each ([Choice] <> null)),
    Splitted = Table.TransformColumns(RemovedEmpties,{{"Choice", each Text.Split(_, ",")}}),
    RemovedProject = Table.RemoveColumns(Splitted,{"Project"}),
    ExpandedChoice = Table.ExpandListColumn(RemovedProject, "Choice"),
    Trimmed = Table.TransformColumns(ExpandedChoice,{},Text.Trim),
    GroupedWithCount = Table.Group(Trimmed, {"Choice"}, {{"Number of occurrence", each Table.RowCount(_), type number}})


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Re: Multiple choices answer count


Undoutbtedly you have other columns in that table - so duplicate the table first in the Query Editor

Here's a link to a similar question

Plus the image

Query Editor - Slicer Table.gif