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Measures keep returning (Blank).

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New to Power BI so please bear with me.


I have 3 tables.

Date: All of 2017 dates + countries.

Rev: Has the number of orders and USD Revenue by date/country

Traffic: HAs number of website sessions by date/country


The dashboard slider is the dates from Date sheet. I have created relationship between the tables by creating a column, Date&Country.


While trying to setup a card for USD Revenue, I keep getting (Blank). I have checekd the data type under modelling and it shows decimals.

Also, for transactions, I have created a measure to count the number of transactions, based on the slicer setting.

Transactions = counta(Revenue[Order #]) . Again, this returns a (Blank) when I use a card.


Any idea why I keep getting (Blank)?


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Re: Measures keep returning (Blank).

Hi @adilk


Can you please post a sample of your data?