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Infographic designer problem after exporting

So I've been using the infographic designer for a few basic visualizations in a project without any problems over the last few weeks. Now it's suddenly acting up. Essentially, everything looks fine in the BI desktop application, but when viewing it after exporting/publishing, the visual is a complete mess. All the icons are crammed together on the left in a single column and the y axis turns into a giant word jumble. 


I'm especially confused because this happened without me updating anything on my end. One day it looked perfect, the next, it was a mess. I tried re-exporting and the problem is still the same.  Not sure if maybe they made an update that messed up the display? Anyone else have this issue? Any advice for fixing it?


Here's what I'm seeing in the BI desktop application:



And here's what it now looks like after publishing:


Anyone got any suggestion for fixes? I'd appreciate any help!!

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Re: Infographic designer problem after exporting

Hi @Grokio,

Do you use the latest version of Infographic Designer and latest version of Power BI Desktop? And do you encounter the above issue after publishing Power BI Desktop file to Power BI Service or using “Publish to Web” feature?

I am trying to test the scenario as yours, but I am not able to reproduce this issue. Could you please share me your PBIX file so that I can test it?

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Re: Infographic designer problem after exporting

Hey Lydia, yup! Just upgraded to the latest versions of both and still seeing the issue. It does appear to be a browser issue, possibly. I see it in Chrome, but in Edge and Safari it looks normal.


In the desktop application it looks normal. Then I click on "publish" and as soon as I open it in Chrome, it's all wrong. When I go to publish to web, it continues to not look right (except when viewing in Edge and Safari).


I tried contacting the folks who made the Infographic Designer to see if they might have a workaround.

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Re: Infographic designer problem after exporting

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I am having the same or similar problem. Started occuring today (4/9/2018). I wonder if it's related to the April update. I see the problem both in the desktop application and in the browser (Chrome and Edge).