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How to use your Office Theme as Power BI Report Theme

With Report Themes (preview feature in Power BI Desktop) you can apply a color theme to your entire report, such as corporate colors.


Do you already have a corporate color palette in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) and want to use it Power BI Desktop? I have created an Excel File that converts the Office Theme Colors into a Power BI Desktop Theme in 4 simple steps:


  1. Select the Office Theme Color in Excel from the Page Layout tab
  2. The embedded VBA code will create the hex codes for the color palette
  3. Name your theme
  4. Preview the theme and save it (via dialog) in your preferred folder

You can download the file from my OneDrive (since it contains forms and VBA you can't run it in Excel Online):

Office Theme Converter


If you have any suggestions, improvements, comments etc. please let me know :-)


Thank you and have fun converting your existing Office Design Colors to Power BI Desktop!


Dominik Petri


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Re: How to use your Office Theme as Power BI Report Theme

Hey Dominik,


I really like your idea and think it's very useful. Thanks a lot.