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Group format & delimter



how to define delimter with format group  ( ribban )   tp a selected column in query or table ??

the only way that i find is

total_invoice_sales = Format((Fact_InvHeader[table_price]*2),"standard")

for a measure or new column


with  this formula i  it is not possible to select  this measure to a  value in chart

or to set sumeris  !!



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Re: Group format & delimter

Hi @benfrenkel,


The FORMAT function(DAX) will convert a value to text according to the specified format. So you cannot use it as the value(a number type is needed) in chart or to set summaries for it.


Instead of using Format function in this scenario, I would suggest you use the Formatting options under Modeling tab to format your measures or calculate columns.Smiley Happy