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DAX: YTD and PYTD questions

Good morning everybody and thanks for trying to help me,


Im tryiing to make a fiancial statement and variances for the company that Im currently working and been having lots of issues


the first question that I have is, if there is a formula of how I can do a summarize for certain type of name in a column and summarize them into another one like a IF formula an example is the picture below


Column A is the GL account and the Mapping of the report Balance Sheet of P&L and then I have a sublevel of accounts Ex Current asset, other liabilities, revenue, ETC.


and I will like to make a new column or measure and just summarize everything that is Cash in bank from the column A ( but coulm A will need to look the table og GL mapping and select with accounts are Cash in Bank) I dont know if this is possible or not.


first phot is the information that I will like to model


2 is the information of the Accounts and how they supposed to go


3 is the relationship table


GL Accounts-1.PNGGL Accounts-2.PNGGL Accounts-3.PNG

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Re: DAX: YTD and PYTD questions

Looks like you are working in Excel?


Unless i am missing something, why don't you just do:


Total Amount:= SUM ( 'FS 2017'[Amount] )

then put '1-Gl Mapping'[Type of Account]   (and others as needed) on the Rows and have it calcuate automatically?

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Re: DAX: YTD and PYTD questions

Thank you for answering and let me see if I understtod correctly the column of FS amount is already a number, do I need to make a sum total of a column or a measure. and doing this will give what I need as I need to look something like this 

as you can see balance sheet amount need to be rolling into their section



Baalnce sheetBaalnce sheet



for the income statement I need the same and also wanted to this so I can calculate the working capital as well


hope this helps with my concern






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Re: DAX: YTD and PYTD questions

Hi @edavila,

I am still confusing you requirement, have you resolved you problem? ? If it didn't, please list your expected result based on your sample table, so that we can post solution which is close to your requirement. Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards,

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Re: DAX: YTD and PYTD questions

what im trying to do is to see if  I can do a tabke for the profit and loss and balance sheet as the picture above that I do inexcel

in power bi. I have the information as a line item some I dont know if there is a formula that will do like an a IF this is this then this or this is that then that, ETC.

file is FSjan-feb