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Cardinality - Mange Relationships


Hi All,


I am completely new to Power BI. I was trying Power BI Desktop.


I tried manage relationships in Desktop. I was looking for the cardinality 'Many to Many'. 
However, it isnt provided. My questions were as follows:

1) Is it available in paid version? (I am using pro for 60 days)


2) Where is the option of manage relationships in web?


3) Are there any alternative options or ideas through which we can achieve?


Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot !!

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Re: Cardinality - Mange Relationships



Firstly, we cannot modify our data model in Power BI services. So for your second questions, there is no any option to manage relationships in web.


To manage relationships, you could use Power BI desktop or other tool which could create a data model. Power BI desktop is a free tool for anyone. So for your first questions, you could manage relationship in Power BI desktop no matter you are a pro user or free user in web.



Charlie Liao

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Re: Cardinality - Mange Relationships

Thanks for answering my first 2 questions