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Auto Refresh with multiple data sources

I am attempting to have my Power BI dashboard pull in data from multiple data sources and update the online dashboard autmoatically each night.


My first data source, SmartSheet, is updated daily and the revised data is scheduled to be pulled in each night.


The second data source is the real issue. Right now it is set up on an Excel sheet (approx. 38,000 rows).

I have tried to save it through a shared OneDrive. This however needs to have an online connection to ensure the gateway connection is successful. Unfortunately this isnt an option as I do not plan on having this computer always online for the 3 year duration of the project.

This second data source will rarely if ever change as it is just a long alignment approx 38km with associated longtitude and latitudes and a few columns of meta-data related to the stationing.

I attempted to use the "Enter Data" option but this kept on saying that there was too much data to be copied to the clipboard.

As well I tried to dump this into SmartSheet but it has a limit of 5000 rows.


Does anyone know another way to store these ~38,000 rows of data easily online so that PowerBI can automatically pull them in too without having to create a Gateway that would require my computer to be online for these connections.



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Re: Auto Refresh with multiple data sources

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Why not just spin up an Azure SQL DB and load it there? Would be pretty cost effective. You could consider a SharePoint Online list but at 38,000 rows that might prove to be a problem. Azure Table storage might be even more economical.

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Re: Auto Refresh with multiple data sources

Yes that is an option we have thought about.


Is there no way to just either save the 38,000 lines in PowerBI with the Enter Data.

That or to get Power BI web version to not pull from that particular data source on the auto-refresh? But only pull from the SmartSheet data? The desktop version lets you choose to not include certain data sets when you trigger the refresh but the web version doesnt seem to have this capability.