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SandDance: Disrupting the Oil & Gas Complex

I recently had the pleasure of working with @GregDeckler [twitter] -- Solution Director [Cloud Services] of IT consulting firm Fusion Alliance -- on a JV effort to finalize and optimize a risk-management and data-visualization model I'd been working on for about a year; the Double Helix. Greg, in all his modeling and data-manipulation prowess, took only days to advance the Double Helix to finalization and to a deployment-ready status. 


The model, while somewhat complex and while somewhat vertical specific, is currently being used to risk manage Oil & Gas investment risk by several firms; and I believe this to be just the beginning of the models proliferation. I believe the Double Helix is an excellent example of how Power BI is being used in non-traditional verticals [i.e. non-tech, typically reluctant of tech adoption verticals, etc.] to disrupt status quos and to further advance data as a base "platform". 


For further context, those interested can view the following link:


Again, while the model is mine -- all credit must go to Greg and his efforts. If this model ever "sees higher", it's only because it had the opportunity to stand on the shoulder of a giant. Kudos, Greg.