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Microsoft Europe Feature Story on 'Girls in STEM'

The European Comms team kicked off an interesting campaign this week highlighting regional results of a comprehensive survey of 11,500 girls and young women across 12 European countries. The focus of the research was to better understand what motivates these girls and young women to engage or disengage from STEM subjects and the ages when that happens. To-date there hadn’t been much research conducted on this topic and the European Comms Team believes their study is the most in-depth information that’s currently available.


They shared a feature story including a Power BI report, videos and a whitepaper on Microsoft News Centre Europe. Furthermore, the Power BI report was used by the Philanthropies & EU Policy Comms team when meeting with NGO partners, government, educators and policymakers across the region to provide a visual understanding of the data.


The report itself features line charts and a shape map. All visuals can be filtered by regions. Check it out and let us know what you think!  


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