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Data Storytelling Training and Education

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The Microsoft Power BI team collaborated up with renowned data visualization expert Alberto Cairo to share the methodology behind visualization and how it can support data storytelling.

A series of courses explore how visualization is a powerful tool that can help form a narrative and present valuable insights to your audience in a compelling way. These courses have layered in Power BI demos and tutorials that articulate Alberto’s points to help you learn how to use the data visualization tool for your own storytelling.

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Topics covered:
1. Introduction to Visualization: Leverage graphics of different kinds to understand your data and communicate it with your audience
2. Data Exploration: Use visualizations to understand and explore your data to extract meaning
3. Truthful Visualizations: Present the information you want to share effectively and truthfully
4. Choosing Graphics: Learn how to appropriately choose the graphic forms to showcase your data
5. Design and Narrative: Explore design concepts to create compelling data visualization


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