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Data Storytelling FAQs

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1. Why should data storytellers use Power BI?
Contemporary public-facing stories and news items often involve references to data and statistics. As you know, a significant number of bloggers, journalists, newspaper columnists and analysts are looking for ways to share data stories with their audience for an interactive and engaging experience. Power BI as a platform allows this to be possible in a frictionless manner. You can create interactive data visualizations without technical skills or the need to know how to write code. Power BI supports a wide array of data sources and enables compelling investigatory data analysis in addition to being able to share data visualizations with your audience.

2. How do I get started using Power BI?
All you need to get started is your company email and to visit to download Power BI Desktop. You can also start directly in the service* if desired or if using a Mac.

*Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that gives you a single view of your most critical business data.


3. How can a user share Power BI stories?
By using Power BI publish to web, data storytellers can create engaging stories with amazing interactive visualizations and publish them to their blog or website in minutes.


4. Where can I see examples of storytelling with Power BI?
Seeking Alpha – By using the unique capabilities of Power BI, Seeking Alpha Financial Analyst Dallas Salazar has risen above the pack to write attention-grabbing articles on financial news. Salazar also leverages SandDance, a plug-in for Power BI, that provides ease of use for data visualizations, pattern identification, trends and insights. Since beginning to use Power BI in early 2016, Salazar has seen a noticeable positive impact to the speed and clarity of his research.
KING 5 News – KING 5 News chose Power BI for their election reporting coverage because of the unique ability to integrate data visualizations on air, desktops and mobile devices. Microsoft also showed it is committed to providing data journalists with the technology to give viewers and readers more insights into data stories.
MSN – MSN has been using Power BI publish to web to showcase the results of their reader polls for the 2016 election cycle.


For additional reports, view the Power BI Data Stories Gallery - Link here.


5. Power BI Licensing Details
Power BI service and publish to web are being made available to Power BI users at no additional cost. For a monthly fee, Power BI Pro users receive additional benefits in licensing the product.

For further details on licensing and the difference between Power BI service, and Power BI Pro service review overview here.

6. What about my audience, do they need to have a Power BI license?
No. When you publish your data story, the visualizations will be viewable by anyone and readers do not require a license or login to view and interact with the graphics. Readers do not require a Power BI license or login to view and interact with the data visualizations. There is no price associated with consumption limits or for sharing a report publicly.

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