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About the Data Storytelling Discussion Forum

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With Microsoft Power BI, data visualization and exploration can empower reporters, bloggers, broadcasters, and analysts to tell stories that connect with viewers in a new way. The data visualization tool helps emphasize messages and engage audiences through immersive and data rich stories.


In this forum you will have access to education, training, guidance and support. With Power BI, you will get the tools for data driven stories, so your readers and viewers can better explore and understand data in an engaging way.


We’re excited to create a forum that will include a highly-committed team of community members and Microsoft data experts. We welcome everyone – whether you are a seasoned journalist or simply an aspiring storyteller. We think this is a great resource for data teams supporting news rooms, editors and bloggers looking to use the Power BI publish to web capability to display reports in their online stories, broadcast reporters seeking to showcase their data stories in an engaging way, and investigative journalists pursuing a helpful tool for data analysis.


To learn more about data storytelling or ask questions about using Power BI for data journalism visit the web site at and get started asking questions or posting ideas and comments in the forum today!

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