Business Driver Chart

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Business Driver Chart

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This is a business driver chart that allows business users to understand what is driving the top line sales results.  It is both intuitive and descriptive in the way it communicates the hierarchical drivers of the top line business result (ie what controllable business metrics are driving the total sales result). 


The visualisation of the hierarchy allows the business user to spot opportunities in the underlying business metrics that are impacting the result (or results that are being hidden by a different business driver working in the opposite direction).


This report works best on real business data but has been reproduced here using a modified copy of the Contoso Database.  The user selects a Year from the slicer and can then drill into the data by Category and/or customer occupation. 


Learn more about this report from the author by watching this video:






* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the book Supercharge Power BI
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Re: Business Driver Chart

Thanks for sharing @MattAllington;


It is a great visual.


I am wondering how did you do to create the custom slicers with images and boxes? they look great.





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Re: Business Driver Chart

I'll be honest - the design and layout of this are really clever and unique - very cool!  However, the execution of it could be improved upon.  The text box KPIs and trendlines don't always fit well.  But still, very cool idea.

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Re: Business Driver Chart

The "custom slicers" you mention are Chiclet Slicer (custom visual). 

See here :

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Re: Business Driver Chart

The Dashboard looks wonderful , can you please share the PBIX file .So tht it helps me in one of the requirements.




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Re: Business Driver Chart

Hi @muraliketh


Matt wrote an article and recorded a video to explain the logic behind this dashboard:


He also attached an Excel file that contains all the measures used in this report at the end of his article.

(Attached also in my post).


Enjoy !!



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Re: Business Driver Chart

Where can I download this visual?

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Re: Business Driver Chart



I really like this depiction of the business you have made. It has sparked a couple of ideas for the project I'm working on, so a huge thank you!