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Microsoft Data Insights Summit FAQ

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Microsoft Data Insights Summit FAQ



What is Microsoft Data Insights Summit?

Microsoft Data Insights Summit is the inaugural Power BI and Excel user conference, where users can meet and work directly with the Power BI and Excel product development teams.


This Microsoft event is specifically for business analysts and will take place March 22–23, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, WA.


When and where will this event take place?

Microsoft Data Insights Summit will happen March 22­–23, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, WA.


Who should attend this event?

This is our inaugural user conference for Power BI and Excel. If you use these tools, this is the conference for you.

Microsoft Data Insights Summit is primarily for analysts who work in business/data analytics and want to get new insights into the tools they use every day.


If you want to dig in, explore, and visualize your data, join us. You don’t have to be a technical expert, although our sessions will be attractive to those of you with deeper technical expertise. You’ll feel at home here if you have a title like Analyst, BI Analyst, Architect, Consultant, or Lead/Manager/Director/VP of Analytics, etc.


In general, if you want to learn more about how to use Power BI or Excel, this event is for you!


Can someone who’s not a business analyst attend this event?

Microsoft Data Insights Summit is primarily for business analysts. However, we welcome anyone who’s a fan of Power BI, Excel, or SQL Server Reporting Services—or anyone who simply wants to deepen their understanding of prediction science and technologies.


What level of expertise should someone have to attend this event?

Whether you’re an Excel beginner, an intermediate Power BI user, or an expert across the board, this event is for you. We’ll have breakout sessions and workshops ranging from level 100 to 300.


Why should someone attend this event?

Come to the Data Insights Summit to connect with the Microsoft product development team, other experts, and your peers in the community. Deepen your expertise in Microsoft business intelligence tools (including Power BI and Excel) with hands-on sessions and workshops. You’ll leave with the ability to apply what you learn and to transform the way you and your organization work.


Top five reasons to attend Microsoft Data Insights Summit:

  1. Solve problems, see innovations, make connections. And that’s just the first hour.
  2. Get new insights—and deepen your skills—in the tools you use every day.
  3. Schedule a 1:1 meeting with Microsoft product engineers. No waiting in line.
  4. Explore the most valuable questions your data can answer—and the best ways to ask them.
  5. Discover creative new ways to visualize and present your insights.

How many attendees do we expect?

We’re targeting 1,000 attendees for Microsoft Data Insights Summit.


What are the key benefits of attending?

When you make better sense of your data, your insights can transform your business. At Microsoft Data Insights Summit, we want to help you bring your data to life and take the next step in your data journey toward intelligent action. That can mean framing or reframing the questions you’re starting with, or just using your data in new ways to drive more impactful business outcomes.


  • Connect with the experts and the community in sessions including Ask the Experts, User Group Meetups, and Customer Stories.
  • Discover the next step in your data journey with Product Sessions (focused on Power BI, Excel, and more) and workshops.
  • Take action and transform business outcomes after hearing Industry Keynotes delivered by renowned guest speakers—to be announced soon!


What will the sessions be like?

Microsoft Data Insights Summit will be a dynamic two-day event offering the following activities:


  • Keynotes
    • Microsoft Opening Keynote by James Phillips, CVP of Microsoft business applications, platform, and intelligence (BAPI) organization
    • Industry Keynotes with renowned guest speakers
  • Ask the Experts - 1:1 meetings where attendees bring their data problems directly to the Microsoft engineers who can help solve them
  • User Group Meetups with breakfast and lunch tables organized by user group or forum topics to facilitate discussions and networking
  • Multiple sessions, including Customer Stories, Big Ideas, and Product Capabilities & Best Practices
  • Workshops featuring instructor-led labs, where attendees can get hands-on, trying out and practicing what they’ve discovered


What's the cost for the event?

The registration cost for the Microsoft Data Insights Summit is $299.


What is included in my registration?

  • Conference sessions (Tuesday, March 22nd–Wednesday, March 23rd)
  • Networking event (includes food and drinks)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and break refreshments throughout the duration of the conference
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Access to Microsoft’s Ask the Experts
  • Hands on Workshop training


How does one register for the event?

Register for Microsoft Data Insights Summit now at