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Max for each subset of records




How could I obtain the max value for each product group in the table? This is what I have imaged to have:


New measure: Maxno = CALCULATE(MAX(pri[pri_no]);allselected(pri[ProductGroup]))


This is a subset of the data:


Product-Group      Pri-No    

A                             1

A                             2

A                             3

B                             1

B                             2

C                             1

D                            1

D                            2

D                            3

D                            4


This is the final wanted result:

A                            3

B                            2

C                            1

D                            4



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Solved: Max for each subset of records

MAX() Function is used to get the maximum possible value of any field, 

Now just you have to do is Create a measure

MaxNo = MAX(Pri[Pri-No])


Now In the Report view drop a table and into value select the field:-




The table will show the maximum Pri-No for each Product-GroupCapture.PNG