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Cummulative number based on the date

Is there way to calculate cummulative number of occurences based on the date coulmn.


For example:

In one table i have the information when something was created:


    date       |  name

1/1/2016    |  abc

12/1/2016  |  osks

13/3/2016  |   doferf


and in the second one i want to have a number of "names" by month name (lets assume i have a Date table with month names related with the first table). So if to names were created in january the sum i 2, if no names were created in february total number is still 2, one was created in march so total number now is 3, and so on....


Month name | Number of names

      January     |  2

      February   |  2

      March       |  3



Is there a wasy to do this?




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Re: Cummulative number based on the date

I'm still learning and believe this can be done w/ powerbi's date functions like EARLIER and PAST. But in my case I needed a to do this with a non-date type so I came to something like this:


Measure = IF( HASONEVALUE( Table1[date] ), CALCULATE( DISTINCTCOUNT([name]), FILTER( ALLSELECTED(Table1[date]), [date] <= VALUES( Table1[date] ))))