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Analazing events with duration

Hi All,


Thanks in advance for any supporting comments/sugestions.


What I am strugling with now is some analyzis of events with start and end date. I actually need to see trend of events over time and worked out the way to calculate the daily averages from events. But it is not fully correct. Here is an example for exact explanation:


I have deferment production events in tabel1 as follow:


Unique ID EventUnique Well IDLevel1Level2StartEndVolume total
Event 4Well 5UnplannedFacility13/12/201612/01/201712
Event 5Well 1PlannedWell06/02/201707/02/20173


I have another calender tabel2 and calculate the volume per each day in calender with dax as follow:




But that is based on average volume per day. I calculate duration in days and assigned to each day average volume. What i really seek a solution for now is calculate exact amount of hours of duration of event on each day and assigned propoer volume like follow:


Event1Well1PlannedWell28/12/2016 09:0029/01/2017 13:002
Event1Well2PlannedWell01/01/2017 23:0010/01/2017 02:0010


So for example Event1 on Well 2 last only for 1 hpurs on 01/01/2017 so I shall find a way to calculate volume per hour and then assign to each day in calender table correct amount of downtime hours on each day and then proportional volume


Thanks for suggestions Smiley Happy