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Delete the first 10 rows of each file on a "multiple file" table

Hi all,


I have a quite specific question for you :


I made a query with parameters to get the values of multiple excel files (hosted on sharepoint) into one single table, that I will call "multiple file table" or "consolidation table". 

Because all these files have exactly the same structure, I can see them in one single Power BI Table with same columns for each.


In the applied steps of the Table, I had to remove the First 10 rows of the Excel file (it contains useless values), but it just did it for the 1st file I injected.

What I would like is : create a formula to remove first 10 rows each time my Table is processing a new file.

(What I did until now is a series of "= Table.SelectRows(#"Renamed Columns", each [field1] <> null and [field2] <> null" ... but it is quite ugly and not developer friendly.)


I hope it is clear for you.

Many thanks in advancetable.PNG