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Submitting an Entry for the Power BI Best Visual Contest

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To submit your entry follow the followings steps:


  1. Register for the Power BI Community. To register you need a username, password, and email.
    register form.png

  2. Go to the Entries page
  3. Press the "New Entry" button and fill out the details. Note that the "New Entry" button will not be active until you sign into the Community site (after registering as mentioned above)

Your entry needs to include:

  1. Title of your project
  2. Brief description of your project
  3. Link to a video hosted on YouTube that demonstrates your visual
  4. Link to your fork of the Microsoft/PowerBI-visuals repo to which you've added a working version of your visual.
    • Your fork'ed repo and the code you submit must be licensed under the MIT license.
  5. Optionally, you can add an image of your visual to the entry as well

The title will go into the first box in the entry form. The rest of the information will go in the rich text editor box. You can add the links by using the Insert/edit link in the rich text editor menu. For the YouTube video, you can either use a link or embed the video into the post using Insert a video. You can add the image using the Insert/edit Image button in the rich text editor menu.


entry form 3.png



Optional: To compete for the People's Choice Award, send a tweet from your twitter account containing:

  1. Title of your project
  2. Hash tags #PowerBI and #contest
  3. URL that points to your entry post. Only your first 3 entries will be eligible for the contest prizes.

Have others retweet your tweet, or create their own tweet following the guidelines above to increase your chance of winning.




A final entry:

example post 3.png


A tweet entry for the People's Choice Award with the full entry URL:

 tweet long url.png


Or a shortened URL:


 tweet short url.png